Mayor Vico lauds woman for returning extra food coupons she received from city government

  • Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto has commended the honesty of a woman who returned the extra food coupons she received from the city government
  • The woman decided to return the P400-food coupon after feeling guilty about it
  • Netizens admired the woman’s honesty; saying it reflects Sotto’s leadership in the city

A woman in Pasig City received food coupons more than what was intended for her. She had spent half of the excess. However, she realized it wasn’t the right thing to do so she did what must be done.

Image by Vico Sotto via Twitter

She returned the extra food coupon and paid for the other half to the city government. Her honesty, of course, did not go unnoticed. Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto later commended the unidentified woman online.

“May nanay na nakakuha ng sobrang 400 pesos na food coupons natin. Nagamit niya yung 200 sa talipapa, pero nakonsensiya. Kinabukasan, isinauli niya yung 400. (yung 200, in cash),” Sotto shared on Twitter on April 23. “Mas marami pa rin talaga ang tapat at may mabuting puso.”

[A mother received an excess of P400-worth of food coupons. She spent P200 in the market but felt guilty after. The next day, she returned the P400 (half of it came in cash). Indeed, there are still a lot of honest and kind-hearted persons out there.]

Image by Pasig Ciy PIO via Facebook

The woman’s honesty, although unidentified, was praised by many netizens with most of them saying that it was the fruit of an equally-honest governance by the city’s mayor.

“That is your leadership right there. Pag tapat ka sa taong bayan, tapat din sila sayo,” A netizen named Lei Ramos replied on Sotto’s tweet about the incident.

“Thanks Nay! You’ll get 100x more!” says another netizen. “We don’t have the worst citizens, as proven by this tale. When we have great role models like in Pasig– a government we know works for us– then we aspire to be the best versions of ourselves. Pasig, Iloilo, Valenzuela, Gapan– keep inspiring us!”

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Twitter, GMA News