‘2gether: The Series’ actor Bright Vachirawit gains massive Filipino fans

  • Bright Vachirawit already has massive Filipino fans
  • The actor skyrocketed to fame through Lakorn 2gether: The Series
  • He was first seen on Philippine TV via Wicked Angel

Due to the phenomenal success of the Lakorn 2gether: The Series globally, actors playing important characters in the show are gaining massive number of supporters too. For one, Bright (Vachirawit Chiva-aree) who’s playing Sarawat is making a name in the Philippines.

Image by Bright Vachirawit Philippines via Facebook

Excellent acting prowess and good-looks, added to his lean and strong physique, there’s no denying that Bright possess the quality of a heartthrob.

According to GMA News, Bright who debuted as an actor in 2016 comes from Thai, Chinese and American descent. He speaks Thai and English, and is currently studying how to speak Mandarin.

He does well academically too, as the Thai actor attended Thammasata University and he is now taking up Marketing studies at the Bangkok University.

GMA News further disclosed that Bright was first seen on Philippine TV via Lakorn series Wicked Angel which was franchised and aired by GMA’s The Heart of Asia. He did a guest role as the ex-boyfriend of Angelica, the main character in Wicked Angel. However, he was not that famous at the time.

Now that his career skyrocketed and is gaining massive supporters from Filipino audience, Bright Vachirawit Philippines has reached at 21,500 followers on Facebook as of posting. “I love you bright,” one fan said; another wrote, “He was named Bright because his teeth and face is so bright.”

Image by Bright Vachirawit Philippines via Facebook

“He’s my universe. So cute,” said another. Further comment reads, “Look at his eyes, I feel love.”

In the successful show,  2gether: The Series, a TV adaptation of a popular novel, Bright’s character Sarawat agreed to be a fake boyfriend of Tine so the latter would get rid of his gay admirer named Green. But Tine would soon start questioning himself on when their fake relationship would end, conflicts rattle their journey.

Image by Bright Vachirawit Philippines via Facebook