Frontliner offers ride to an old man walking along NLEX from Pampanga to Manila to seek help

  • A man was seen walking along the stretch of North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) from Pampanga to get to Manila last April 4
  • A frontliner spotted him and then offered him a ride to his destination
  • The man decided to walk from Pampanga so he can get to his brother in Manila to ask help

Somewhere out there, a man or a family is starving while the enhanced community quarantine is enforced and while the government claims to have been disbursing fund to help the poor it seems like it couldn’t cover most Filipinos.

Image by Win Enriquez via Twitter

Many are still trying to find solutions to feed their families despite earning nothing. This was the story of a man who was seen walking the stretch of North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) from Pampanga to get to Manila so he can seek help from his brother.

Wearing only his slippers as he carries a plastic bag filled with some belongings and a number of mangoes he picked along the way, the old man carried on with his journey to Manila under the scorching sun last April 4. It was already the second day of his long journey.

It was when he was spotted by a frontliner passing through the expressway. The frontliner named Win Enriquez went out of his vehicle, approached the old man, and then offered him a ride.

If somewhere along the way, the old man prayed for a miracle then Enriquez was his miracle on that day.

Image by Win Enriquez via Twitter

“On my way to Manila and saw tatay walking along NLEX. Told me 2nd day na daw niya naglalakad. He started in Pampanga daw and headed to Manila to ask help from his brother because he’s got nothing to eat. Nakaraos daw siya sa mga mangga na napipitas habang naglalakad,”Enriquez narrated on Twitter, sharing a video of tatay, whom he didn’t named, shyly explaining his mission to reach Manila to ask help.

“Decided to give him a ride and five minutes later he was already sleeping. Sige lang, ‘tay! Kuha ka muna ng konting lakas, medyo mahaba pa ung laban natin!” Enriquez said showing a tear-jerking picture of tatay who was already sound asleep inside the car on the way to Manila.

“Gave him biscuits and a few bucks then dropped him at Bocaue toll gate office (thank you sir Jay Cadiz) to be given proper attention. Ingat ka, tatay! Sana po ay makuha niyo ang tulong na kailangan niyo! Praying for you po!”

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