24-year-old Pinay student survives COVID-19 in Germany

  • A 24-year-old Filipina student who tested positive for COVID-19 shared her experience
  • Kelly Abagat is studying in Germany and was alone when she got the results
  • She said she wanted to inspire others to stop the stigma against coronavirus patients

A Filipina who is a COVID-19 survivor in Germany shared her experience and how it had taught her to remain positive.

Image by Kelly Abagat via Facebook

Kelly Abagat, 24-year-old Filipina student in Berlin, Germany had recovered from COVID-19. She said that it’s best to remain positive amid the challenges brought about by the disease.

“Be strong. Lakasan pa ‘yong loob kasi alam natin na wala pang definite na gamot so kailangan is to surround yourself with positivity and always pray,” she said in an interview on Dobol B sa News TV.

“Inisip ko na lang po, ‘yong pag-iisip ng negative, ‘di makakatulong at all so kailangan mo na lang magtingin ng positive outlook,” she added.

As a student living abroad, Kelly was alone when she tested positive and had to pull herself up alone amid her fears of the disease.

“It has been a test of faith for me, kasi you may tend to question, ‘Of all people, bakit ako? Naging hygienic, cautious naman ako.’ I took it as a challenge for myself na ‘di lang ‘to own fight na kailangan lagpasan kasi naging fight din ‘to ng family and friends ko,” she said.

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She continued that she built up her courage to survive the disease. Kelly wanted to inspire others who also tested positive and educate others about COVID-19.

“Kaya ko po talaga nilakasan loob ko, ayaw ko malungkot kaming lahat kaya ‘yong end goal ko is to recover and inspire others. Gusto ko ma-inspire ‘yong mga tao na tanggalin ‘yong stigma sa COVID-19,” she added.

Kelly recalled that her symptoms began with sore throat, headaches then eventually had a fever. She also had a travel history to Brussels for a study trip.

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