Woman in Cebu continues to feed stray cats and dogs amid COVID-19 scare

  • An animal lover continues her advocacy of feeding animals she sees on the roads
  • Maureen Claro has been feeding stray animals everyday for 10 years now
  • Many netizens praised her for her kindness and compassion for animals

An animal advocate from Mandaue City, Cebu has took upon the task of feeding the stray dogs and cats amid the continuing coronavirus scare.

Image by Maureen Claro via Facebook

43-year-old Maureen Claro is considered “heavensent” by the hungry animals who have gone astray in the streets. As many of us find means to find food for our families, these helpless animals are also left to fend for themselves.

Maureen has been feeding and rescuing stray animals for 10 years now. And with the ongoing threat on the spread coronavirus, Maureen may slow down but she’s not stopping.

“Sobrang kawawa din sila kasi close na lahat ng canteen, even street food sellers. Kung hindi ako gagawa ng paraan para sa kanila, sino pa?” Maureen tells CNN Philippines.

She also assured the public that she’s a law abiding citizen. Maureen said, “Yes, I am a law abiding citizen but the Lord God gave me the task to take care of them.”

Netizens praised Maureen and her kindness. Many hopes she will be blessed so she can continue sharing her blessing to animals in need.

Image by Maureen Claro via Facebook

A netizen said, “Thank you so much for feeding those beautiful soul. God have purpose for you to do this. He sent you to do this you are the angel to our loving beautiful animals. God bless you always. Keep going those beautiful animals need you. God watching you from above.”

Another said, “I salute your kindness to the stray dogs and cats. You have a kind heart and amazing courage to go out and feed them. God bless you always.”

Maureen is also asking for donations to buy more food for the stray animals. You may reach her at 09322711004 for more details.

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