Valenzuela Mayor Gatchalian: Don’t thank me for the relief goods, taxes ninyo ‘yan

  • Valenzuela Mayor Rex Gatchalian reminded his constituents that their taxes paid for the food vouchers
  • Mayor Rex downplayed his role and said there is no need for his constituents to thank him because it’s their money
  • His constituents and many netizens lauded the mayor for not grandstanding amid the ongoing health crisis

Valenzuela City Mayor Rex Gatchalian told his constituents that there is no need for them to thank him for the food vouchers they received.

Image by Rex Gatchalian via Twitter

Mayor Rex is earning praise online for reminding his constituents where their taxes are going. According to him, the residents should not thank him for the food vouchers because it came from the taxes they paid to the government.

He tweeted, “…sa mga nakakuha na ng food vouchers nila. Please don’t thank me. Thank yourselves for paying taxes…pera niyo yan.”

Netizens praised Mayor Rex for choosing not to grandstand amid the ongoing health crisis. Many also recognized how the Mayor’s proper use of government funds is worthy of being appreciated.

A netizen said, “You’re rendering services which means taxes are used efficiently and optimally. Kudos!”

Another netizen said he hopes more government officials would remember their roles as public servants. He said, “Sana lahat ng public or government officials ay ganito, may malasakit talaga sa taong bayan.”

Image by Rex Gatchalian via Twitter

A netizen also said, “And we thank you for showing an example of what good leadership looks like.”

A constituent of Mayor Rex also praised him for his initiatives. She tweeted, “It may be taxpayers’ money pero sir we would like to thank you for managing the funds well po.”

During the distribution of food packs, Mayor Rex proudly shared how his constituents strictly followed social distancing protocol. He tweeted photos of all their 3s Centers implementing the same system.

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