PSG to strictly implement ‘no touch’ policy on Duterte amid COVID-19 scare

  • The PSG has implemented the “no touch” policy on President Rodrigo Duterte following the COVID-19 outbreak
  • PSG commander Colonel Jesus Durante said they will be tightening their preventive measure in protecting the President and the First Family
  • Personalities who are expected to be near Duterte during official events will have to undergo screening and testing

The Presidential Security Group (PSG) has announced that they will be tightening their preventive measures to protect President Rodrigo Duterte and the First Family amid the coronavirus scare.

Image by PCOO via Facebook

PSG commander Colonel Jesus Durante said they would be strictly enforcing the ‘no touch’ policy to the President.

To protect Duterte, personalities who are expected to get near him during official events have to undergo thorough screening and testing for any COVID-19 related symptoms.

Durante was quoted by Inquirer saying, “These include PSG personnel, politicians, and dignitaries. Large crowd gatherings with President Duterte as guest of honor and speaker shall be assessed and could be canceled not only for his safety but also for the attendees.”

“All established health protocols and preventive measures are continuously in effect to all PSG personnel and the whole Malacañang Complex,” he added. The Malacañang is now requiring visitors to disclose details about their health and travel history following the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

“The PSG, together with members of OP EMC (Events Management Cluster), are observing these preventive measures, based on the guidelines set forth by DOH,” Durante said.

Image by PCOO via Facebook

Durante added that large crowd gatherings which require the President’s presence will be assessed and could be canceled for the safety of the President and the attendees.

Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo had earlier revealed that Duterte could only “care less” about the coronavirus scare. He said there will be no changes with the President’s schedule.

Panelo said, “Knowing the President who doesn’t care less about his own safety from whether a virus or any other harm, he will proceed with the schedule. Unless there are other events that will change his movements.”

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