Proud apo! Teen shows off gown handsewn by her loving lola for her prom night

  • A teenager showed off the prom dress her lola had made for her
  • Arianne Marie Contreras shared how her beloved Mamay made her two dresses for their prom, one was even finished just hours before the event
  • And because their sewing machine broke down, her Mamay had to sew the dress by hand

A proud “apo” showed off the gown that her loving grandmother had sewn for her.

Image by Arianne Marie Contreras via Twitter

On Twitter, Arianne Marie Contreras, a grade 10 student from Masbate City has nothing but praises for her “Lola Mamay” Jovita who handsewn her a dress just hours before her prom night.

She tweeted, “I know this has been everywhere. Hahaha. But I need to show off my Mamay. She handsewn my dress on the morning of the prom day and the dress is only 120 pesos. She is a genius. I love her.”

Contreras shared with Cebu Inquirer how her Mamay made her the gown she had been looking for. She said, “I don’t like the gowns here so I went to my grandma and asked her to customize mine. Since I still have spare silk, I went to my grandma’s house and asked if she can also make it. Though I feel bad for making her do another again, she insisted to help me with it.”

Contreras said her Mamay tried to make Gigi Hadid’s revealing cream colored Jacquemus dress she wore at the Paris Fashion Week 2020.

Image by Arianne Marie Contreras via Twitter

What’s even more impressive is that her Mamay made two dresses for her. And since their sewing machine broke down, the loving grandma had handsewn the dresses.

She said, “She actually made 2. This one was made the day before the prom. Funny how the sewing machine didn’t work when we were about to start. This is handsewn, yes.”

Love and praise poured in for the loving Mamay who did everything for her apo.

Lucky granddaughter!