LOOK: Beautiful Sierra Madre over Metro Manila’s smog-free skies

  • A netizen was able to capture the beauty of nature amid the enhanced community quarantine in Metro Manila
  • Johair Addang shared photos of the the beautiful Sierra Madre mountain ranges overlooking the smog-free Metro Manila skyline
  • Netizens were impressed with the photos

A netizen was able to capture the beauty of the Sierra Madre mountains over the smog-free skies of Metro Manila.

Image by Johair Addang via Facebook

Amid the fears and chaos brought by coronavirus in the country, it is indeed true that there’s a silver lining if we learn to look for it. For netizen Johair Addang, the empty streets brought out the beauty of nature.

On Facebook, Johair shared photos of the picturesque view of Metro Manila skyline that has been smog-free since the enhanced community quarantine was declared. Above the clear skies stood the beautiful Sierra Madre mountain ranges.

Johair, who lives near Shaw Boulevard took photos of the scenic views using his mobile phone.

“Dati ko pang nakikita ‘yang mountain range ng Sierra Madre pero shadow lang siya, walang details. Ngayon kahit paulit ulit mo syang tingnan malinis sya at kitang kita talaga,” Johair shared with CNN Philippines.

Image by Johair Addang via Facebook

Netizens were as impressed with Johair with the scenic views. Many became reflective on the current health situation and how it had somehow helped the environment.

A netizen wrote, “There are always the good side and the bad side of every happenings in our lives. Today we are confronted by this dreaded Coronavirus, but today also we once again saw the beauty of nature. Lesson? there is always a trade off because we can never have it all at one time. Our LORD God is an awesome God, let us always call on HIM no matter what life brings.”

Another said, “The silver lining of it all, Mother Earth healing itself.”

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