Inspired by SoKor: PH eyes to encourage int’l producers to feature PH sites on TV, film to boost the tourism industry

  • Fans have intense desire to visit places where scenes of South Korean shows were taken
  • The Philippine government wants to have this strategy as inspiration
  • Incentive programs to international TV and movie producers were rolled out

Why do we have this intense desire to visit South Korea?

Image from Korean Air via FB

South Korean culture has incrementally invaded the roots of our culture that we would go gaga visiting their place. That’s because of the South Korean movies and series that are being broadcast in the Philippines.

For example, the series “Crash Landing on You” has driven lots of visitors to places where scenes for the show were taken. This is what the Philippine Film Export Services Office (PFESO) is trying to have as inspiration.

PFESO head David Fabros said to do this, local government units can provide incentives and combine it with incentives given by the national government through the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) to encourage film and TV producers to shoot in the country; according to PIA.

Thus, the FDCP-PFESO has rolled out its incentive programs like the Film Location Incentive Program (FLIP) where qualified foreign films shall receive 20% Philippine spending rebate. Another is the International Co-production Fund (ICOF) where 20% of Philippine spending is returned  to the producers; this also applies to Filipino film producers who are working with foreign co-producers. Certain criteria shall be met to avail of the incentive programs.

The government agency has also created a one-stop-shop to assist foreign projects on government permits, location permits, special working permits, importation of production assets, among others.

The PH government would also help in cleaning and sprucing up their place, ensuring the availability of facilities such as hotels and the availability of competent local crew; as per Good News Pilipinas.

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The PFESO has partnered with the Department of Tourism for a social media campaign dubbed as #FilmPhilippines.

Fabros believes that with sustained efforts in promoting film tourism, a popular international movie or TV series featuring PH’s picturesque locales would someday be realized.

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