Pogi kasi? Good-looking Voice Teens PH contestant’s audition video goes viral

  • The audition video of a good looking The Voice Teens Philippines contestant went viral
  • Drei Sugay sung his rendition of Ben&Ben’s “Maybe the Night”
  • Black Eyed Peas star apl.de.ap turned the chair for him and is now his coach

The audition piece of a good looking contestant of The Voice Teens Philippines has gone viral with more than 1.5-million views on YouTube and even trended on the video-sharing site.

During his audition, members of the studio audience immediately noticed the good looks of the auditionee, Drei Sugay; perhaps the reason why some people in the audience were screaming prior to his performance.

Image by The Voice Teens Philippines via YouTube

“What is happening?” coach Lea Salonga said. “Why is she screaming? I want to turn my chair,” coach Bamboo replied. Lea then made a signal for Bamboo not to do it yet.

Drei, 16 years old, sung his rendition of Ben&Ben’s “Maybe the Night.” The good-looking contestant succeeded in entering the competition after coach apl.de.ap turned his chair for him.

The coach said Drei has a lot of potential for growth because of his dedication, focus and ability to sacrifice certain things to do what he wants. He also praised the contestant’s skill in singing while playing the guitar.

Coach Sarah Geronimo said Drei is a breath of fresh air but she is still looking for something. Coach Lea, meanwhile, said “I was medyo hesitant to turn. I wasn’t sure enough to turn.”

“You’re also here to prove something to yourself, right? That there is more to you. And that’s the challenge now, to prove to us, moving forward,” as per coach Bamboo.

Drei, according to ABS-CBN News, is from San Juan City. Just like the Black Eyed Peas star who turned his chair for him, he is also a member of a band. He mentioned he hasn’t experienced having a girlfriend yet since he is prioritizing his studies.

Image by The Voice Teens Philippines via YouTube

One netizen commented, “Drei has a pleasant voice and good diction. I just feel that he could have done something more to the song for the other coaches to turn. At least APL turned. He looks a bit like Bailey May. For the battles, he should push more vocally and with his song choices.”

Another wrote, “As a vocal coach myself, he has potential. He is obviously nervous here and needs to work on the enunciation/diction. We Filipinos are good in English so we are very particular with the diction. He is a diamond in the rough, the basic goods are already there.”

Netizens have apparently noticed Drei’s good looks, too. Good luck, Drei, it seems you’re a promising heartthrob.

Watch Drei’s audition video uploaded by The Voice Teens Philippines on YouTube.: