Erwan Heussaff to baby Dahlia Amélie: ‘I never knew that my heart could grow so quickly in just one day’

  • Anne Curtis Smith Heussaf gave birth to a baby girl
  • New father-vlogger Erwan Heussaff turns emotional over coming of their daughter to the world
  • Netizens welcomed the newest princess 

Filled with excitement, the world welcomed the newly born princess of Smith and Heussaff’s family as Erwan revealed in an instagram post his joy on the coming of their beautiful angel.

Image via Instagram

“Our beautiful little daughter was born on March 2, 2020. I never knew that my heart could grow so quickly in just one day. I also had no idea that I could fall even more in love with my wife. Anne was so impressive throughout her pregnancy and in labor. I will forever be in her debt,” he posted.

“P.S her name is Dahlia Amélie, in case some reporter decides to “break the ‘news'” again,” Erwan added; reminding everyone to “P. P. S hug your mothers.”

In an Instagram post shared by a fan account, annecurtisxx,   there’s a video of Erwan as he held one hand of his daughter; with the caption: “Doesn’t like me bothering her while she sleeps.”



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Dahlia ???????

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People were able to follow Anne’s journey from being a child star with stunning beauty going to being a teenager to grown up with a very colorful love life, then later as she tied the knot with the handsome vlogger Erwan Heussaff, and finally her journey to motherhood.

Now, it can be considered as the new chapter in her life as she embraces wonderful moments of being a mother. With much excitement and mixed emotions, she shared via an Instagram post how happy she is over the coming of their bundle of joy.

“Never knew I could love someone so much…So much that it hurts in a good way… it’s an unexplainable kind of love. The kind I’ve never felt before. It’s so overwhelming and fills your heart to the brim with pure happiness. I will always be here to love, protect, guide and hold her little hand every step of the way… even when that little hand isn’t so little anymore. Everyone, I would like to introduce our darling daughter, Dahlia Amélie Heussaff.”

Image via Instagram | Anne Curtis