Ellen Adarna provides shelter for PUIs in their family-owned hotel in Davao

  • Ellen Adarna shared how she and her family opened their family-owned hotel in Davao to house persons under investigation (PUI)
  • She said she didn’t want to share it but netizens are questioning her contribution amid the continuing health crisis
  • The former actress granted the request of Davao City Vice Mayor Sebastian Duterte to help provide shelter to the city’s PUIs

Ellen Adarna helped the local government of Davao City in their efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Image via Ellen Adarna’s Facebook page

Amid the continuing health crisis in the country, many celebrities have shared their efforts to extend assistance to those in need. Ellen, who has been off the limelight for quite sometime now revealed that she and her family have also been actively helping the Davao government with their efforts.

On Ellen’s Instagram story, she shared how she initially had no intentions of sharing their good deeds but there have been a few netizens questioning her if she had extended any form of help in these difficult times.

The former actress said they had opened their family-owned hotel in Davao to provide shelter to persons under monitoring (PUM).

Ellen shared a screenshot of a netizen’s message thanking her for granting Vice Mayor Sebastian Duterte’s request.

Image by Ellen Adarna via Instagram

Ellen explained, “To some haters messaging me about puro lang ako ‘happy happy’ and I’m not doing anything to help, here is my reply to you. @sebastianduterte called me and asked me if it was possible to use one of our establishments in Davao and okay na. Solved na. Sabta mga basher na di kasabot (Intindihan niyo mga basher na hindi nakakaintindi).”

Many netizens appreciated Ellen and her family’s good deeds. Many also defended her saying that it is not her obligation to update netizens on her good deeds.

A netizen said, “People are forgetting that ‘help’ and ‘donation’ are given willingly! It’s not an OBLIGATION! Stop demanding well-to-do people to give and donate! It’s not their job to do so!”

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