Director wishes to see Sarah Geronimo as an action star

  • Director Jason Paul Laxamana said he looks forward to working with Sarah Geronimo someday
  • If given the chance, he said he wants to transform Sarah into an action star much like Katniss Everdeen of Hunger Games
  • Direk Jason will be directing Viva’s upcoming movie, Penduko starring Matteo Guidicelli

For Direk Jason Paul Laxamana, Sarah Geronimo would look good as a strong action star.

Image by Sarah Geronimo via Facebook

Direk Jason, who will direct Viva’s upcoming superhero movie Penduko, starring Matteo Guidicelli, was asked who he looks forward to working with in the showbiz industry. Without qualms, he answered, “Of course, si Sarah Geronimo.”

When asked further why he likes Sarah, Direk Jason laughed and said in jest, “Ka-edad ko. Wow, may kinalaman?”

The director continued, “Noong college pa lang ako, sikat ang ‘Forever’s Not Enough.’ Actually, ako po, any of the big stars, gusto kong makatrabaho.”

Direk Jason explained that if he’s given the chance to work with Sarah, he wants to turn her into an action star like Jennifer Lawrence when she starred as Katniss Everdeen.

“Pero gusto ko siyang gawing action-superhero. Mala-Jennifer Lawrence ng Hunger Games,” Direk Jason said.

Image by Sarah Geronimo via Facebook

Last October, Direk Jason announced that Matteo has been chosen to replace James Reid as the new Pedro Penduko.

Direk Jason, who has directed romcom films such as “The Third Party,” “1000 Tula Para kay Stella,” and the recent Gerald Anderson-Julia Barretto movie “Between Maybe” promised that Penduko will be far different from his usual romantic storytelling.

He had earlier said, “I really have to (adjust). Iba ang approach kasi ‘pag romance. Of course, focus ka roon sa chemistry ng dalawang actors. Ito, mas ‘yung physical aspect, ‘yung technical aspect ng movie so it’s really a change and a shift of mindset. Ako rin very aware ako na kailangan ko mag-shift ng mindset, para magawa ko nang maganda at maayos.”

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