Cesar Apolinario’s widow, kids go on trip they had planned before his passing

  • Cesar Apolinario’s wife Joy and their children Sofia and Athena went on a hiking trip up Mt. Batolusong in Rizal
  • Joy said they had planned to go on a trip before Cesar passed away
  • The three went on a “joiners trip” with the help of GMA’s iJuander

Cesar Apolinario’s widow Joy along with her two daughters, Sofia and Athena, decided to go on a hike to honor her late husband.

Image by iJuander via Facebook

According to Joy, before Cesar’s passing, he had always planned to go and travel with the entire family. Because of his untimely passing, their plan wasn’t able to push through.

Months after Cesar was laid to rest, Joy decided to continue the plan she made with her husband and go on a hiking trip with their two daughters. With the help of Cesar’s former show, IJuander, Joy was able to fulfill her husband’s request.

On Facebook, iJuander shared photos of Joy’s bonding moment with Sofia and Athena as they climbed the 3-hour trek up Mt. Batolusong in Rizal. The three went on a “joiners” trip or a shared trip with several other hikers. The family climbed Mt. Batolusong which was as high as 780 meter above sea level; hoping to see the elusive sea of clouds.

Image by iJuander via Facebook

They stated, “Bago namayapa ang mamamahayag at I Juander host na si Cesar Apolinario, plano niya sanang makapamasyal kasama ang kanyang buong pamilya. Upang tuparin ang hiling na ito, tinuloy ng kanyang asawa na si Jhoy ang plano at sumama siya sa isang joiners tour kasama ang kanilang dalawang anak.”

Cesar succumbed to heart failure caused by his lymphoma. Joy was emotional as she thanked everyone who extended their condolences. She continued that despite his absence, she still feels her husband’s presence surrounding them.

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