Bishop, priests of Balanga donate monthly allowances to personnel affected by COVID-19

  • The Diocese of Balanga showed their solidarity to help their staff and personnel who lost their income amid the community quarantine
  • Bishop Ruperto Santos said he and his priests will forego their stipends for 3 months to donate it to those in need
  • Bishop urged the faithfuls to become like Veronica and Simon who helped Christ when He carried the Cross; help those in need, he said

The Bishop and priests of Balanga, Bataan decided to donate their monthly stipend to the needs of their personnel.

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Bishop Ruperto Santos said he and the clergy decided to extend their assistance to those in need amid the ongoing health crisis.

“With this present difficult and uncertain economic situations, we priests in the Diocese have decided to forego our monthly stipends or monthly allowances for the good and for benefits of her people and personnel,” Bishop Santos shared with Radyo Veritas.

Bishop Santos said that their allowances for the month of March, April and May will be donated to those affected by the enhanced community quarantine in Luzon, especially their Diocesan employees and personnel.

“It is our way of assisting them and helping them in these very troubling and trying times,” he added.

He reminded the faithfuls to be like Veronica and Simon of Cyrene in the Bible when Christ was carrying his cross. Bishop said we should help our brothers and sisters in times of need.

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“This Coronavirus could be seen as our true to life way of the cross. But whenever we fall, we will rise and God rises us up. Along our way of the cross there will be many Veronica and Simon of Cyrene to wipe our tears and carry our loads,” he said.

“Let us also be Veronica and Simon to others,” Bishop Santos said.

This act of generosity by the Diocese of Balanga is their way of showing solidarity and self giving.