“You’ll never be their mom”: Heart Evangelista shares journey as a stepmother

  • Heart Evangelista shared her struggles and learnings as a stepmother to her husband’s children, Chesi and Quino
  • She said it is important to know about boundaries as a stepmother but also show the kids her pure intentions
  • Now, the actress said she feels really blessed to have the twins in her life

Heart Evangelista shared a glimpse at how she handled being a stepmother to her husband Rep. Chiz Escudero’s twins, Chesi and Quino.

Image by Heart Evangelista via Instagram

On the latest episode of “Dear Heart” via her YouTube channel, Evangelista opened up about her struggles and learnings as a stepmother. She said she came into the lives of Escudero’s twins back when they were just four years old. It wasn’t easy and she was a bit confused with her role  back then.

Evangelista said, “I used to be so confused about it because I’m the youngest in my family.”

Evangelista recalled asking herself if she can really do it. She added, “It’s really going to push you to your limit because having a child is very special but your patience has to be the long and winding road you know because technically they are not really yours.”

Evangelista continued that it was important to know her boundaries as a stepmother yet love and care for the kids sincerely.

“You’ll never be their mom. You have to understand that and you have to respect that they’ll always have their mom. You’re just probably going to be their tita but their fun tita,” she said.

“They’ll feel that if you force yourself or if you’re trying hard you just have to be yourself. You have to have pure intentions,” she added.

Now, Evangelista feels really blessed that their family is “really really happy” and everything all worked out well in the end.

You can watch Evangelista’s vlog via her YouTube channel:

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