“We have one love”: Dingdong Dantes expresses support for ABS-CBN

  • Dingdong Dantes said that they, in the media industry, are “one”
  • Amidst the threats of disenfranchisement of ABS-CBN, the actor reminds how the network has affected the lives of millions of Filipinos
  • He said it is best to set politics aside and focus on the rule of law

Kapuso actor Dingdong Dantes has expressed his support for his network’s rival, ABS-CBN.

Image by Dingdong Dantes via Instagram

Amidst the ongoing fiasco being faced by ABS-CBN following moves towards its disenfranchisement, several celebrities have spoken up on their reactions. While it’s not surprising to hear actors from ABS-CBN speaking up on their support, for the network, an unexpected ally from the “other fence” is rather refreshing.

Dingdong, star of GMA’s upcoming teleserye “Descendants of the Sun”, has spoken up and said they are “one in the media industry.”

The actor tweeted his sentiments and said, “Magkaiba man ng bakod, we are one in the media industry. We have one love for the many talents and crafts under this Network, the products and output of which, directly or indirectly, benefit the lives of millions of Filipinos.”

Dingdong also mentioned Rep. Lito Atienza’s efforts to make the other lawmakers move to vote towards the renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise.

Image by Dingdong Dantes via Instagram

He said, “Rep. Atienza of @buhayparty  list in his speech yesterday at the Congress, said that: “Inaction will only spell the weakening of the foundations of our democratic system.” If Congress will not take action,” Rep. Atienza added, “this Congress is really paralyzed with inaction; and we should not be deserving to be called representatives of the people.”

In the end, Dingdong said it is best to set politics aside and focus on the rule of law.

He said, “In the end, I pray that the true interests of the people, under the rule of law, will prevail over any other political agenda conveniently veiled as a countermeasure against alleged abuses.”

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