Valentine’s Day date with rescued animals in Taal to help them recover

  • The Philippine Animal Welfare Society has launched a project that allows interested individuals to book a date with rescued animals in Taal and help them recover at the same time
  • It was a two-day event to help raise funds for the horses that PAWS rescued from Taal
  • All proceeds will go directly to the PAWS horses rehabilitation fund

It was a well-spent Valentine’s celebration for volunteers who went on a date with rescued horses in Taal, Batangas.

Image by PAWS via Facebook

The rehabilitation of 44 rescued horses received a needed boost with the launch of #PAWSfurstdateTAAL edition; a two-day event held on February 12 and 13 to help raise funds for the horses which the Philippine Animal Welfare Society rescued from Taal after the eruption of the volcano.

“Our guests today enjoyed learning about the story of horses rescued from the volcano eruption last month. Today they learned how to properly approach, groom, and feed rescued horses. They also got to spend time bonding with their very special date,” the organization shared on its Facebook page.

“Thanks again to everyone who took time to support and donate towards this fund raising event for our horse rehabilitation program,” it added.

The event was organized to call on volunteers who want to spend their Valentine’s Day in a one-of-a-kind experience.

Image by PAWS via Facebook

“All proceeds go directly to their rehabilitation fund. So get ready to block off a day (or two!) as you let us take you on the most meaningful kind of road trip to remember,” the organization then announced.

During the “date”, Batangas coffee and light snacks were served for the participants.

With the conclusion of the two-day fund raising event, the public is still encouraged to help by donating online at Thank you so much!