Tourists, residents in Santander town, Cebu spot baby sharks at coastline

  • Baby sharks were spotted at the coast waters off Barangay Pasil in Santander, Cebu last February 25
  • The occurrence became an instant tourist attraction in the town
  • BFAR said it is actually a normal phenomenon

Tourists and residents in the southernmost town of Cebu found themselves in awe of the “surprise visitors” that became an instant attraction

Image Capture of a Video by Kier Belleza via Facebook


Several baby sharks came to visit the coastline of Pasil village in Santander, Cebu last February 25; taking the residents and tourists by surprise.

A video of their “visit” was captured by Kier Belleza, who shared that “many tourists stop to the photograph the sharks from the highway; making it an instant attraction.”

In the video, the baby sharks are a sight to behold as they can be seen frolicking in the clear waters off Santander.

The regional Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) later confirmed that the spotted sharks are actually juvenile blacktip sharks looking for something to eat.

With the occurrence, the agency appealed to the public to not disturb the sharks as they came near the shore to look for food. It was also bared that the “visit” of the sharks is a normal occurrence during the months of February and March.

Image Capture of a Video by Kier Belleza via Facebook

“Blacktip sharks are usually found at the shallow, coastal waters,” Cebu Provincial Fishery Office officer-in-charge Edgardo Delfin said. “These young sharks feed themselves with small fishes.”

If disturbed, the sharks will swim away from the shore. The regional office also reminded the public that there’s nothing to be afraid of with the occurrence.

“People should not be afraid. The presence of these sharks does not pose danger especially to people swimming there. They do not bite unless they are threatened or harmed,” Delfin said in a statement.

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