“They can’t control their thoughts”: Netizen shares how to love an “overthinker” partner

  • A netizen shared on Twitter how he manages his “overthinker” girlfriend
  • Alvin De Castro said patience and understanding are keys to keep you partner calm and relaxed
  • He said “overthinkers” should not be blamed but given assurance and understanding instead

A netizen shared his thoughts on how to love an “overthinker” partner.

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An “overthinker” is a person who tends to think too much. They tend to analyze, comment and repeat the same thoughts over and over again. Sometimes, instead of acting, they tend to just overthink.

On Twitter, netizen Alvin De Castro made a thread on how he learned to love his “overthinking” girlfriend. He admitted it’s not easy to be with a partner who tends to think too much.

“Being in love with an overthinker isn’t easy but it’s not that they want it to be that way. They just can’t control their thoughts. It’s like they can’t store them in drawers inside their mind,” he said.

Alvin said the key is being patient and to understand the root of her worries.

He said, “When your girlfriend overthinks you have to be patient with her. You have to know how to calm her down and avoid making her panic even more. You have to know how to understand her.”

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Alvin continued that it’s important for partners to assure their “overthinking” girlfriends where they are going and they are with. “You don’t need to tell her everything but at least update her,” he said.

In times when your partner feels stressed and feels the burden of worrying, assure her that you’re there for her.

Alvin said, “You need to show her how much you love her even in the times when she hates herself. You need to show her that she’s not alone.”

He advises to always remind your partner that you love her because it will make her calmer and relaxed. In the end, Alvin said “overthinking” partners should not be blamed but given understanding instead.

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