Judy Ann Santos praises her Mommy Carol: “Ikaw talaga ang ‘The Rock'”

  • Judy Ann Santos sent her Mommy Carol a sweet and loving birthday message
  • She said that while there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship, they value each other so much as a family
  • Juday had earlier dedicated her Best Actress win at the Cairo Film Festival to her Mommy Carol

Judy Ann Santos has nothing but praises for her mother, Mommy Carol.

Image by Judy Ann Santos via Instagram

On her birthday, Mommy Carol received well wishes from her family and friends. Among the most precious ones are, of course, from her unica hija, Judy Ann. On Instagram, Juday expressed her love for her mother on her special day.

Juday said while there’s no such as thing as a perfect relationship, they never fail to love and understand one another.

She wrote, “She’s Mommy Carol, Tita Kah, Mama kah, Kumare to many. But for us, she’s our one and only mom. We had our fair share of misunderstandings.. tampuhans.. at marami pang iba. But at the end of the day, we are family. We will understand and support each other till the end.”

Juday also described her mother as “the rock” for her tough love.

She said, “I love you ma.. from moon and back.. thank you for giving life to all of us.. happiest birthday to our rock.. ikaw talaga.. ang ‘THE ROCK.'”

Judy Ann had always been expressive of how much she adores and loves her mother. When she bagged the Best Actress award at the 41st Cairo International Film Festival for the movie, “Mindanao,” Juday dedicated it to her mom.

Image by Judy Ann Santos via Instagram

She earlier said, “My mom is very, very happy. Para sa kaniya naman ‘tong award na to eh. Lahat naman ng nanay, may kaniya-kaniyang klase ng sakripisyo na binibigay para magbigay ng magandang buhay sa mga anak nila.”

Happy birthday, Mommy Carol!