“I can’t wait”: Erwan Heussaff pens sweet message for his wife Anne Curtis

  • Erwan Heussaff shared a loving message for his wife, Anne Curtis
  • He recalled how they both have grown together as a couple through the years
  • He also said that Anne’s journey to motherhood is just the beginning as they look forward to more adventures in life

Erwan Heussaff wrote a beautiful and sweet message to his wife, Anne Curtis.

Image by Anne Curtis via Instagram

The foodie vlogger and entrepreneur shared how he has witnessed Anne transform herself in the past 10 years. Erwan began, “A decade has gone by and I’ve seen you grow in so many different ways.”

Erwan recalled how they grew together and faced challenges as a couple through the years.

“From short hair to long hair and back, from late nights out to order in TV dinners, from petty young love fights, to laughing off problems we know we can work through together, from beer to kombucha, from insecurities to self confidence, from tight fitting dresses to comfortable pregnancy jeans and from your love of fish and chips, to your surviving love for fish and chips. The list goes on,” he said.

Erwan shared how he is in awe of how his wife has continually moved forward and kept up with the changing of times, especially now that they are expecting their bundle of joy.

Image by Anne Curtis via Instagram

“Some things have changed, others have stayed the same, but you’re always moving forward. I can’t wait to see you go through the next couple of weeks, as you come into motherhood,” he said.

Erwan said Anne’s journey to motherhood is another accomplishment that his wife is trying to achieve.

“I don’t see it as a next step, or a new phase in life, more so as something you are adding to your growing list of accomplishments in life, because I know that there is still so much more to come,” Erwan said.

The couple is currently in Australia to wait for the arrival of their first born.

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