Frankie Pangilinan pens heartwarming message for dad Kiko while away from home

  • Frankie Pangilinan penned a message for her father which she posted on her social media accounts last February 28
  • She wrote the letter even without a specific occasion
  • She opened up how she is proud of her father

Even with no occasion, Frankie Pangilinan found herself composing a lengthy message for his father Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan just because she was thinking about him while she’s miles away from home.

Image by Frankie Pangilinan via Instagram

Frankie, who is currently in the United States to pursue her studies, penned a heartwarming message for her father which she posted on her social media accounts last February 28.

“It’s not father’s day but I’m thinking of you,” Frankie opened up as she pictures her dad in the living room while sipping his morning coffee over stacked of files nearby.

“I am unsure if you’ve already discovered the empty space on your shelf and deduced which book I managed to steal over Christmas (it’s Axelrod’s Profiles in Audacity, sorry), but your mind has been filled with other things, so I’ll let it slide,” she admitted.

Like a daughter obliged to update her parents on how she’s doing, she told him that it’s cold where she is but she’s keeping herself warm then she went on to express how she feels for her dad.

Image by Frankie Pangilinan via Instagram

“As the days drag on and the numbness lingers, and the worldly shadows begin to settle in my still-fresh adult brain, I find there are less and less words to describe how wholly and completely proud I am of you. I haven’t yet said it so loudly due to misplaced anxieties and fear of unease,” she said.

Frankie carried on by conveying what she learned from her father which is the “immovable foundations of principles”, his resilience and dedication.

“While to some it may appear futile, to you, it has never been worthless. You represent such hope for all Filipinos, even those who refuse to or cannot see it. You are brave and honest and true, every single bit of you,” she concluded. “Padayon, dada ko.”

On Twitter, Kiko replied to his daughter; thanking her for her kind words.

“Believe it or not I am made stronger, braver, more determined despite all the difficulties. My only wish is that I could do a lot more to help make things right in the country and the world you are to inherit. I love you my kiklet.”