GMA’s Suzette Doctolero praises HS students’ El Filibusterismo trailer’s top-notch quality production

  • Grade 10 students’ El Filibusterismo trailer receive praises online
  • The trailer has top-notch production quality
  • GMA’s Suzette Doctolero” “Wow. Magaling!”

A movie trailer of El Filibusterismo made by Grade 10 students from Bulacan State University Laboratory High School was well received by critics and netizens online because of its top-notch production quality; the video has, as of posting reached at 440,000 views on YouTube.

Image by 19NITE BulSU-LHS Grade 10 2018-2019 via YouTube

On her Facebook account, GMA Network’s screenwriter Suzette Doctolero praised the creative work of the students, “Wow. Magaling!” [Wow. Great!]. Doctolero is known for having worked with some of Philippine TV’s prominent shows which used sterling visual effects such as Encantadia, Indio, Amaya, Joaquin Bordado and Etheria.

One netizen said, “The editing made it great. I salute the editor for giving so much effort on this. This is so far the best trailer of El Filibusterismo filmed by students. Keep it up guys! Applause for the actors for trying their best.”

Another commented, “This trailer is the complete pinnacle of student films.This was beautifully crafted and edited, and the fact that the soundtrack of Detroit Become Human is used (favorite game) fits so well with the drama of the trailer. Very well done!”

The trailer, as per Buzzooks, has also earned praises for the group to manage coming up with old settings from modern locations.

Set during the Spanish era of the Philippines, national hero Dr. Jose Rizal’s classic novel El Filibusterismo, a sequel to his earlier novel Noli Me Tangere, had a profound impact to the Filipinos and its message remains remain relevant today. The novel is being taught to high school students.

Image by 19NITE BulSU-LHS Grade 10 2018-2019 via YouTube

The novel was aimed to address and reform the Spanish system and its issues.

Dr. Rizal mus be so proud for these high school student’s work! Watch the whole trailer below: