ABS-CBN grateful for overwhelming support, admits “not a perfect organization”

  • ABS-CBN issued their latest statement following threats to their disenfranchisement
  • They said they are grateful for Rep. Antonio Albano’s statement that they can continue their operations until the end of the 18th Congress
  • They expressed that their organization is not perfect but it strives hard for the Filipinos

Following a string of moves that threaten to disenfranchise the media giant ABS-CBN, they released a statement thanking everyone for the overwhelming support they have been receiving.

Image by ABS-CBN

In a statement released February 12, the network first mentioned Isabela 1st District Rep. Antonio Albano, vice chair of the House panel on legislative franchises. They said, “We appreciate the statement of Rep. Antonio Albano that ABS-CBN may be legally allowed to operate even after its franchise expires.”

“We also appreciate the commitment of Congress to go through the renewal process at the appropriate time. We trust in this promise,” they added.

Albano earlier issued a statement that ABS-CBN may continue its operations even after the expiration of its franchise by the end of March. He said the network will not be terminated until the end of the 18th Congress.

Meanwhile, the management of ABS-CBN addressed the quo warranto petition filed by Solicitor General Jose Calida.

“We have issued our statement on the Solicitor General’s accusations, and as directed, we will submit a more detailed response to the Supreme Court within the prescribed period,” the statement said.

Image by ABS-CBN

The rest of the statement is now addressed to the public and their followers who have spoken up and expressed support to their network. “We want to thank everyone who has expressed overwhelming support for ABS-CBN. Our passion to be of service to the Filipino is real,” it said.

They also admitted having imperfections in their organization but said they will continue working hard for the Filipinos.

“While we are not a perfect organization, we assure the public that we strive to maintain the highest level of integrity as we work to deliver services that many Filipinos believe to be important and meaningful to them,” it said.