Woman gets reunited with long-lost dad through Facebook’s ‘Suggested Friends’

  • 56-year-old Karen Harris of Penryn, Cornwall in England, was finally reunited with her father 
  • She began looking for her father using a very limited information when she turned 18 years old
  • Harris had to wait for decades, including Facebook, before she was able to finally meet her biological father

A woman in England had to wait for Facebook to materialize before she could finally find her long-lost father.

Image by Trevor Sinden via Facebook

Not that many years ago, 56-year-old Karen Harris of Penryn, Cornwall in England, had been searching for her father. She did what she could but all those years of searching were unsuccessful.

Her long quest would later end through a Facebook feature — “Suggested Friends.”

Harris was, according to a report, adopted in the early 1960s. At the age of 18, she began tracking down her biological parents. She then learned very limited information about them but she was able to find her mother 10 years later.

Harris was born out of wedlock to her teenage birth parents; that is why even after finding her mother, her father remained a mystery to her. She only knew that her father named Trevor Sinden was an electrician.

Decades later, while browsing Facebook, she came across a name similar to her father’s on the “Suggested Friends” feature of the social media network. After weeks of chatting online, they were finally reunited last January 21.

Image by Trevor Sinden via Facebook

It turned out that the 72-year-old Sinden has also been looking for Harris online.

“I have looked on the internet but could never find her. It’s early days but I feel we already know each other quite well. If it wasn’t for Facebook we wouldn’t have met,” Sinden said in an interview.

“Those who are adopted can understand that moment when you first see someone other than yourself in a mirror that has your cheek bones, your eyes, your chin, it is something that someone who isn’t adopted probably can’t relate to or understand, but it changes the way you look at the world,” Harris expressed.

“Now there is someone else like me, loving me for me and I cherish every moment. I’m incredibly blessed to find him now,” she added.