Tarpaulin-worthy: Netizen thanks supportive friends who celebrated her successful “moving on” journey

  • A netizen thanked her friends who were so happy that she has moved on from a past relationship that they made her a tarpaulin
  • Netizen Yanni Paran shared a photo of her friends carrying a tarpaulin congratulating her for her achievement
  • She said she wasn’t sure if she would laugh or be emotional with the surprise

How long do you move on from a heartbreak? For the friends of a netizen, moving on is one great achievement worthy to be celebrated.

Image by Yanna Paran via Facebook

A netizen is indeed thankful she found herself friends who celebrate her success, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Jeune Paulian Paran, also known as Yanni from Iligan City felt grateful to her circle of friends who celebrated her “moving on” from a past relationship.

On Facebook, Yanni shared a photo of her friends holding a tarpaulin celebrating her “moving on.”

The tarpaulin that even bears her photo and has a message that states, “Congratulations Yanni Paran for successfully moving on from her past relationship. We are proud of you!”

The delighted netizen shared how thoughtful and “extra” her friends were. She said, “My workmates just got way too extra today and surprised me with this.” Speaking in Visayan, Yanni said she is confused if she would be emotional or laugh in hysterics. She added, “Thank you so much for being so supportive guys!”

Image by Yanna Paran via Facebook

According to Yanni, since she broke up with her boyfriend 5 months ago, her workmates who are also her barkada, have always encouraged her to move on.

She said, “My co-workers are a part of my moving on stage. Even if they keep on teasing me, they also give me advice and encourage me to keep moving on; saying that everything will be okay soon.”

Yanni continued that her friends have started noticing her becoming a “happy woman again;” it was probably why they happily celebrated her healing.