Sugba Lagoon in Siargao Island closes until February 10 for rehab efforts

  • The Department of Tourism ordered the temporarily closure of Sugba Lagoon to give way to its rehabilitation
  • The closure is from January 10 until February 10
  • The volume of tourists, local officials said, has put the famous tourist destination at risk

Tourists who plan to visit Sugba Lagoon in Siargao will have to postpone their trips for the meantime.

Image via Municipality of Del Carmen

This after the Department of Tourism (DOT) announced that the famed tourist attraction in Siargao Island will be temporarily closed for a month to give way to its rehabilitation.

“Sugba Lagoon in Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte will be closed starting January 10-February 10 (one month) for its annual rehabilitation,” the DOT-Caraga Region said in an advisory.

According to the office of the Municipality of Del Carmen, tourism facilities during the closure will also be repaired.

Sugba Lagoon, a 4,200-hectare attraction known for its lush flora and waters, is located in the northwestern coast of Siargao in the municipality of Del Carmen. It can be reached via a 30-minute boat ride from the port of the town.

Image via Municipality of Del Carmen

Del Carmen Mayor Proserfina Coro, in a report, expressed hopes that the public will understand the first-ever temporary closure of the lagoon. “We will use the time to repair the facilities for the safety of the growing number of tourists,” Coro said.

This will be like a tourism holiday to allow the environment to recover, the mayor added. “We will do repairs, fix everything in preparation for the bigger crowds during the summer season. This cycle is necessary to sustain the area.”

Tourism officer Leilani Lipio, on the other hand, underscored that the Sugba Lagoon’s “delicate ecosystem has been put at risk by the growing number of tourists.” So, the local government is taking the opportunity to preserve the tourist spot’s beauty.