Nico Bolzico teaches followers how to pronounce daughter’s name ‘Thylane Katana’

  • Nico Bolzico uploaded a new video to teach his followers the proper pronunciation of the names he has on the list
  • Starting with the popular names in the showbiz industry, Nico uttered the name of his daughter, Thylane Katana, in an epic and hilarious way
  • His wifezilla, Solenn Heussaff, heard Nico and corrected him about the proper way to pronounce their child’s name

Ever since Solenn Heussaff gave birth to her bouncing #babyBolz with Nico Bolzico, everyone has been wondering about the correct pronunciation of their child’s name.

Image from @nicobolzico | Instagram

On Instagram last January 7, first-time dad Nico uploaded a new video to teach his followers the proper way of pronouncing some names he has on the list, including his daughter’s name, Thylane Katana.

“Learning with Bolz (newly created show),” wrote Nico on the caption. “How to pronounce Thylane’s name and some other names that are usually mispronounced!” he added.

In his usual goofiness and wit, he started off by uttering some popular names in the showbiz industry. He shared his way of pronouncing the names of his friends Wil Dasovich (El Dasovich), Matteo Guidicelli (Matteo Pork belly), and Georgina Wilson (Georjayna Wilson).

He also uttered the names of his wife Solenn, his brother-in-law Erwan and Anne Curtis, with emphasis to their last name Heussaff (Uuussaff).

Lastly in his video, Nico pronounced the name of his daughter Thylane Katana as “Ti-la-ne Katana.”

Unfortunately, he was heard by his wifezilla Solenn, who later appeared in the video to correct him. Solenn clarified that their child’s name is pronounced as “Ti-lan Katana” and not “Thai-lane” nor “Ti-la-ne.”

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Solenn gave birth to their first baby on January 1 via cesarean section.

She and her husband have been sharing some snippets of how they are adjusting to parenting life. Way to go, Solenn and Nico!

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