Mikael and Megan share details of unique engagement ring and wedding dress

  • Mikael Daez shared why he opted for an icy-blue colored engagement ring
  • He shared that Megan Young always wanted “non-traditional” things and asked for a ring with the color of an iceberg
  • Megan revealed that her instructions for her wedding dress was simple, no fancy beadwork and shiny stuffs

Newlyweds Mikael Daez and Megan Young are still on a high after their wedding.

Image by Saab Magalona via Instagram

Without any prior engagement announcement, Mikael and Megan surprised everyone when they changed wedding vows on an intimate ceremony in Subic last Saturday, January 25. They also had an intimate ceremony on January 10 in Caleruega.

The couple who had been together for 9 years had kept their engagement private. Probably one reason no one suspected was because Megan’s engagement ring didn’t look like the usual sparkly diamond cut ring.

Showing off Megan’s hand  wearing the exquisite blue rock, Mikael said his bride always wanted something “non-traditional.” He said, “Admittedly, we did things in our own way and I think my engagement ring to Bonez is a good example of our non-traditional choices.”

The groom added that Megan had a unique request and he happily obliged. Mikael continued, “She said she wanted a rock with the color of an iceberg, so there you go. Buti hindi rainbow hiningi niya, baka nahirapan ako.”

Image by Mikael Daez via Instagram

Even Megan’s wedding gowns was simple and quite different from the fancy ones other brides prefer. She wore a Sabrina-cut ceremony dress with puff sleeves made by Patricia Santos while Boom Sason created a sleeveless frock made of Italian crepe fabric for the wedding reception.

Megan’s instructions were clear and precise, “no beadwork, no shiny stuff.” She explained why she wanted something comfortable and simple to wear.

Megan wanted her groom to focus on her and what’s happening, and not the dress.

Thanks to Metrostyle’s shared video on YouTube, we could now take a look at Megan’s wedding dress and know the story behind it!