Kind stranger treats hungry boy to a meal after catching him “stargazing” on his car

  • A netizen turned his frustration into kindness when instead of getting angry, he made a boy smile
  • Karl Manarin found a boy comfortably lying down on the hood of his car
  • He was ready to scold him but decided to treat him to a good meal instead

A netizen shared how he was able to turn what could have been a frustrating incident into a blessing.

Image by Karl Manarin via Facebook

Many car owners can relate how sometimes they can get meticulous when it comes to taking care of their vehicles. So when Karl Manarin found a boy lying comfortably on top of his car, he was ready to get furious. However, a soft heart and evidently his good conscience got the better of him and he decided to turn his anger to kindness.

Karl shared that he was on his way to his car from ordering in a fastfood chain when he saw the boy “stargazing.” He shared, “Nag-order na ako sa loob, pag silip ko sa kotse ko, may nagsstargazing! Uminit ulo ko! Ginawang kama yung hood ko!”

He was ready to scold the boy but the boy smiled at him and asked for food. The hungry boy’s smile won Karl over and he treated him to a good meal.

Karl shared, “Sinaway ko pero ang sagot sa akin, ‘kuya kain tayo’ with matching smile pa. Pero kita ko sa mga mata nitong bata na gutom na gutom na. Nawala init ng ulo ko.”

Image by Karl Manarin via Facebook

“Napaawa na lang ako, kaya umorder kami, aba! Ang gusto chicken rice at spag with matching large na coke float daw! Natawa naman ako, mas mahal pa sa kakainin ko sana. Hahaha” he added.

The incident made Karl remember how good it feels to share kindness to others, especially to a young boy. He said, “Pero ano ba naman yung halaga ng gusto niya kumpara sa mga luho ko. Doon ko na realize na swerte pa tayo at ang sarap pala sa pakiramdam na napasaya mo ang munting bata.”

That is so true, Karl! And you could do it more often.

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