Just like Hachiko, dog left behind in Taal patiently waits for its master to return

  • A photograph of a dog patiently waiting for its master to return went viral
  • The dog could be likened to Hachiko’s story
  • May we reciprocate dogs’ unconditional love for humans

Dogs are sometimes referred to as “man’s best friend” due to the loyalty, companionship and close relations they have with humans. Stories of dog’s relationship with humans have been documented in several literature such as in Homer’s Odyssey (about a dog named Argos) and Mahabharata (Pandavas’ pilgrimage accompanied by a dog).

Public Domain Image

The story of the Akita dog Hachiko in Japan is popular, Hachiko is tagged as the world’s most loyal dog; as per All That’s Interesting. The loyal animal was acquired by professor Hidesaburo Ueno in 1924 when he taught in the agriculture department at the Tokyo Imperial University.

The two had a daily routine to walk together, take the train together, and go back home after the professor’s duty. Ueno passed away in 1925 but Hachiko continuously visited the train station every single day for ten years until the dog’s demise in 1935.

Last January 27, 2020, GMA News (via Chino Gaston) shared a photograph of a dog patiently waiting for its master to return. The dog could be seen waiting from the side of a river in Batangas, and the master perhaps went to an evacuation center due to the situation.

The photo has gone viral with about 23,000 reactions and more than 2,500 shares as of posting. Many netizens commended the dog’s unconditional love while some asked residents to help the dog return to its master.

Image by GMA News via Facebook

“Absolutely true. Dogs love their master unconditionally. Treat them kindly,” one said. Another wrote, “If I could only run to him and place him in a caring environment. Who knows, in God’s perfect timing they will be reunited, the soonest the better.”

Dog’s genuine love for humans is very apparent. May we reciprocate this and treat them properly, similar to how they protect, dear and make us happy.

Public Domain Photo