Judy Ann Santos warns public over false product advertisement

  • On January 22, Judy Ann Santos posted on Instagram an announcement; clarifying that she is not in any way endorsing a product
  • She debunked endorsing a slimming product through a series of edited photos
  • She encouraged her followers to stop believing the ads circulating online

Pictures of Judy Ann Santos promoting a certain weight-loss supplement product are hoax, the actress, herself, clarified.

Image by Judy Ann Santos via Instagram

Posting a series of edited promotional photos on Instagram last January 22, Santos strongly denied that she is endorsing the product as she encouraged everyone not to fall prey to the forged advertisement.

“Nakakaloka… 2020 na hindi ninyo pa rin ako tinatantanan,” Santos began as she made the public announcement. [Unbelievable, it’s already 2020 yet you’re still not done with me.]

“Sa lahat ng nagtatanong, kahit anong makita po ninyong ads na lumalabas sa mga Facebook pages ninyo, hindi totoo! Mapakape pa ‘yan o pills o kahit na anong klaseng pampapayat ay hindi ko ginagamit at hindi ko iniendorso!” the prime actress went on.

[To all those who are asking, whatever ads you see on different Facebook pages, that’s not true! Whether it’s coffee or pills or whatever slimming products, I don’t use and endorse them!]

Image by Judy Ann Santos via Instagram

The ads circulating online are obviously edited with statement promoting that the product is “Judy Ann’s way to be slim.”

Santos said they have already reported the site behind the ads. “We have reported this site already, and our lawyers are doing the necessary legal actions to take down these fraudsters!” Santos said; encouraging everyone to not believe the ads.

“Nakikita ninyo kung ano ano ang mga produktong totoo kong ginagamit at iniendorso. Hangga’t hindi mismong sa IG feed ko lumabas at hindi sa akin mismo nanggaling, ibig sabihin hindi totoo,” she reiterated.

[You all see what products I use and endorse. If you don’t see me promoting a product on my Instagram feed and you don’t hear it from me, that only means it’s not true.]

This is not the first time, Santos lamented about the same incident where her name and pictures are being used to promote slimming and coffee products. She also uncovered the same scheme in July 2019.

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