Judy Ann Santos to star as Mother Lily in a movie by Direk Erik Matti

  • Judy Ann Santos will soon star as Mother Lily Monterverde
  • Mother Lily’s biopic will be directed by Erik Matti
  • Direk Erik said Mother Lily’s life is “epic and crazy” and worthy to be shared on film

Judy Ann Santos will portray Mother Lily Monterverde in her next film project.

Image by Judy Ann Santos via Instagram

After her award-winning portrayal of a Muslim woman in Brillante Mendoza’s film “Mindanao,” Judy Ann is on to her next role. This time, she is set to portray someone close to her heart.

On Instagram, the actress shared her excitement over being chosen to portray the matriarch of Regal Films Entertainment, Mother Lily Monterverde. Judy Ann wrote, “This is it! It’s finally happening!”

Judy Ann is set to play the role of Mother Lily in a biopic film and said she feels honored to know more about the person she idolizes. She wrote, “Her brilliance, passion, and love for the showbiz industry is undeniable. She is the reason why I am here. It’s an honor to be able to know you more with this project.”

The film is going to be directed by no less than Erik Matti. Known for his thought-provoking films such as “On the Job,” “Honor Thy Father,” it will be interesting to see how Direk Erik will handle Mother Lily’s biopic.

Image by Erik Matti via Instagram

Direk Matti also shared his excitement on the project and admitted he had long courted the Monteverdes to share Mother Lily’s life story. He also disclosed why Mother Lily’s life is worthy to be made into a movie. “Mother Lily/Regal Entertainment has a very interesting, epic and crazy life story worth every cent to show on the big screen.”

“But aside from her emotional journey in her personal life, her story could also give us a history and timeline on the rise and fall, growth and decline of our Philippine cinema and why we are where we are now,” he added.