Is it safe to use ‘aircon’ amid ashfall? A local firm responds

  • An appliance manufacturer, the one behind some “aircon” brands in the Philippines, answered the frequently asked question amid the Taal Volcano eruption
  • Concepcion Industrial Corporation informed the public that “it is all right to use air conditioners” during light ashfall
  • However, a household must refrain from using the appliances in the event of heavy ashfall

In the event of ashfall, is it safe to use your air conditioner unit?

Image of Municipality of Tanay, Rizal via Facebook

As ashes spewed by Taal Volcano reached Metro Manila within hours, common questions of residents include the safety over using their air conditioner unit.

An appliance manufacturer answered this question which started surfacing since the eruption of Taal Volcano. Concepcion Industrial Corporation informed the public through its Facebook page that “it is all right to use air conditioners (split type/ window air conditioners) during light ashfall.”

It furthered bared that the air your AC (air conditioner) unit uses comes from inside your home, not from outdoors, so it will not affect your air conditioning unit. Light ashfall should not harm your air conditioner unit.

However, the company emphasized that during heavy ashfall, a household must refrain from using the unit.

Image by Concepcion Industrial Corporation via Facebook

“Continued use during heavy ashfall will clog your AC unit’s outdoor condenser coil, which will result to the overheating of the compressor and the overall air conditioning system,” the company added.

It also reminded users to have their air conditioner unit cleaned when the ashfall has subsided. The firm is also encouraging the public to remain indoors during this period as exposure to ash may cause negative consequences to one’s health.

It was disclosed in a report that Concepcion Industrial Corporation is the local firm behind the “aircon” brands such as Kelvinator, Condura, and Carrier.