Bongbong wants history books’ account of Marcos dictatorship rule “corrected”

  • Former senator Bongbong Marcos wants history books to revise the account of what happened during his late father former President Ferdinand Marcos’ rule
  • Marcos said the atrocities stated in current textbooks during the Marcos rule are “lies”
  • He said that their family are mere victims of “propaganda”

Former senator Bongbong Marcos has called for a revision of Philippine textbooks’ account of his late father President Ferdinand Marcos’ rule.

Image by Bongbong Marcos via Facebook

According to Marcos, it’s high time that the textbooks used to educate learners about history are revised. He said these history books stating the atrocities of his late father’s rule needs to be corrected after the accusations against them were proven to be false.

He said, “What has been proven wrong is essentially what they continue to contend in the textbooks of our children. Essentially you are teaching the children lies.”

Marcos claimed that the history books’ account detailing the human rights abuses, plunder and many others during the Marcos regime were merely part of their political opponents’ black propaganda against them. He said that their family is a victim of what he views as “historical revisionism.”

“Yung kanilang sinasabi na ninakaw namin, na ginawa namin, hindi lahat totoo. Pa’no ko nasasabi ‘yun? ‘Yan ang desisyon ng korte. There was no evidence,” he added.

Image by Imelda Romualdez Marcos via Facebook

Last year, the government lost at least 5 ill-gotten wealth cases against the Marcos family. Last December, a P200-billion civil forfeiture case was also dismissed in court. However, the former first lady Imelda Marcos was convicted of graft in 2018 for Swiss-account dealings while she was a government official.

Back in 1990, the Swiss Federal Court has affirmed a prosecutor’s findings that the Marcos family hid $356 million in Swiss banks during their rule.

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