Two little girls save money to buy a smartphone as their father taught them the habit of frugality

  • Two little girls went to a mobile phone store to buy a smartphone
  • They bought their dream phone through coins
  • The children have saved their pocket money to buy the thing they want, a habit taught by their father

How often do you see children bawling or having tantrums in front of a store to force their parents to buy what they want? Well, two little girls in Thailand who are aware that they are not rich decided to buy the thing they want through their own efforts.

Image via World of Buzz – Thailand

World of Buzz disclosed that two little girls went on to a mobile phone shop and asked the staff if they could buy a smartphone with their coins as payment; the staff replied that they do accept coins.

The children then told the staff the phone brand and model that they want to buy. The store employee was surprised to see the girls actually taking out bags of coins to pay for their chosen model.

Out of curiosity, the staff asked the girls how they got the money and the reply was that it was a long time of saving.

The elder said that she has been saving her pocket money along with her younger sister. This is a habit, according to them, taught by their father – to save their own money to buy the things that they want.

The staff shared the incident on social media which led to this story going viral. After all, it is not everyday that they receive payment in coins, especially coming from two young girls.

May the habit of frugality still be instilled in our children. The admirable trait showed by these two kids shall inspire parents to teach their children to do the same.

Image via World of Buzz – Thailand