Solenn tells Anne: Our daughters are going to be like sisters

  • Solenn and Anne are the epitome of “friendship goals”
  • From being good friends, and then being sisters-in-law they will also be moms almost at the same time
  • Being part of one clan, they are convinced that their daughters will be like sisters, aside from the fact that they will be cousins

Popular celebrities Anne Curtis-Heussaff and Solenn Heussaff-Bolzico, who are tagged as among the “it girls” in Philippine showbiz industry, had been taking friendship goals into the next level.

Image by Solenn Heussaff via Instagram

From being good friends for many years, they became sisters-in-law. And then, they got pregnant on the same year. Now, they are declaring that their daughters will be like sisters as they will grow up in the same clan as cousins.

“Our daughters are going to be like sisters. I hope they aren’t as cray as we are when we were teens,” Solenn expressed on Instagram as she shared a photo of her and Anne, both clad in white outfits. Their photos together showing off their baby bumps were taken during Anne’s gender reveal party.

“Biggest nightmare if that happens. Love you,” Anne replied while tagging their husbands Erwan and also Nico.

Solenn is expected to give birth to her daughter within barely a month while Anne is not due to give birth until early next year. She announced that she was indeed expecting on national TV when she was already five months into the pregnancy.

Image by Solenn Heussaff via Instagram

Both future first-time moms Solenn and Anne were vocal about them growing together as future mothers. “Four humans in a photo. Happy to grow with you,” Solenn told Anne in a photo of them together after Anne announced her pregnancy.

According to a report, the two sisters-in-law were taking parenting class in Quezon City in preparation for their little ones.