Miss Vietnam H’Hen Niê passes crown to successor while barefoot and in traditional dress

  • Miss Vietnam H’Hen Nie impressed many when she went on stage barefoot and wearing a traditional dress
  • Many netizens praised Nie for being a picture of humility and authenticity
  • Nie competed with Miss Universe Catriona Gray in 2018 and won the hearts of many for her rags-to-riches fairytale story

Miss Universe Vietnam 2018 H’Hen Niê continues to captivate the hearts of many with her humility and love for her community.

Image by H’Hen Nie via Instagram

As Nie ended her reign as Miss Universe Vietnam, she passed on her crown to Nguyen Khánh Vân, who will represent Vietnam at the Miss Universe 2020.  Nie earned more praises and respect when she ditched a long gown to wear a traditional dress. She even walked barefoot on stage; a far contrast to the fancy ensembles worn by beauty queens on stage.

On Instagram, she shared a photo of her bowing her head while placing her hand on her chest as a sign of respect. Nie captioned the photo with, “From the bottom of my heart, I wanna say thank you. Thank you so much!”

Her post was filled with positive comments and messages of well wishes to her new journey.

Nie competed in the Miss Universe 2018 where Miss Philippines Catriona Gray was crowned winner. It was Vietnam’s first time to have a representative enter the Top 5 of the competition. She was also the first member of an ethnic minority group in Vietnam who competed in Miss Universe.

Image by H’Hen Nie via Instagram

Nie won the hearts of many when she shared her rags-to-riches fairytale story. Born to an impoverished community as a member of an ethnic minority group, Nie broke tradition and decided to leave and find her destiny in the big city. Instead of marrying early, Nie took up odd jobs including as a househelp so she could finish her education.

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