Man brings six dogs for a motorbike ride

  • A man rode his motorbike with 6 dogs
  • He is Ketut lLelut Cellebut, a native of Indonesia
  • Everyday he collects leftovers from hotels and restaurants and bring these to his pigs to eat

Dogs love to travel with their fur parents.  The gushing of the wind that brushes their fur and the thought of adventure itself excites them.

Image capture of video by Woof Woof | Facebook

A video uploaded by a Facebook doggy page Woof Woof perfectly describes how dogs love a ride. But wait, what you will witness isn’t just an ordinary doggy trip but fun yet risky orchestration of six dogs having their exclusive seats in a motorbike.

Each dog except for one sits on a platform;  a plastic container attached to the motorbike.  The biggest dog, which looks like a golden retriever, sits in front of the driver and his front paws placed just above the headlight.  All dogs are of different breeds and seem to be in good shape.  

Everyone looks so cute as they carefully make their balance.  They squint their eyes to feel the wind hitting their soft fur while enjoying the moment of their lives and the feeling of togetherness as a pack.  The documenter of the video moved ahead of them and saw that everyone felt so happy like a family while smiling back at him.

Yet, who is this man and why does he have so many dogs?

The comments section revealed that this video was taken in Bali, Indonesia. The guy’s name is Ketut Lelut Cellelut who lives in Canggu, Bali.  Every day he goes out to collect leftover food from hotels and restaurants and is then placed inside these plastic containers. He brings the food to their farm and feeds those to his pigs.

Image capture of video by Woof Woof

However, on top of such an interesting sight to see is an equivalent risk for his furry friends.  One netizen said, “Very cute but very unsafe for the little dogs that can easily be thrown in the air by the motorcycle hitting a hole in the road of which there are many in Bali’s streets.”  We hope someday he would consider adding straps for his dogs for a safer ride.

Still, this story teaches us that even with a simple life, love and togetherness keep us whole, contented and happy.

Watch their cute video here:

Click the image above to watch the video by Woof Woof | Facebook