Lady thankful to 4 stray dogs who saved her: “They risked their lives just for a stranger like me”

  • A lady named Haze Bragado waited for her grab driver one evening at the Yokohama when a riding in tandem stopped in front of her
  • One man was about to grab her stuff when she  managed to escape and run towards the security guard for help
  • 4 stray dogs appeared in front of them and barked at the men which  saved their life

Stray dogs are without masters who take care of them.  But despite their situation, they are still ready to help humans in times of danger.

Image via @Haza Bragado | Facebook

A lady named Haze Bragado shared her story in the FB group, “Who’s your pupper, sendai?”.  She stated, “I am so thankful to those stray dogs who helped me last night. They risked their lives just for a stranger like me.  So much love and respect for them.

She was on her way home one evening and decided to drop at the Yokohama in Pasay City instead of her usual route.  While waiting for her grab driver to arrive, a riding in tandem stopped in front of her.

“Kunin mo na!” the rider said but it took 3 seconds for his companion to act on the command because he checked if there were people around.

Haze took that chance to run towards the sleeping security guard and shouted, “Kuya tulong!”  He was fast to stand up and she hid on his back. 

Out of nowhere, 4 stray dogs appeared before them and barked at those bad guys furiously.  This agitated both men and one even shouted in anger. Knowing they failed on their mission, they retreated and drove away.

It was such a relief for Haze.  She thanked the security guard and most especially the dogs.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Netizens admired how the furry strangers saved her but they all have the same plea and that is for her to adopt the dogs.  She replied how she wished she could but she is an international flight stewardess and is out of her rented place most of the time.  Though she promised to visit the dogs once in a while and feed them.

A dog is indeed a man’s best friend.  Apparently, even to those who are not their master, these dogs do not choose who to help.

We hope they will find their forever home someday.  They deserve to be loved and cared for.

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