Heaven Peralejo impresses netizens with her artwork

  • Heaven Peralejo shared the first portrait she made
  • She said aside from showing off her artwork, she wants to inspire others to not be scared to try on new things and explore a part of themselves
  • Many of her followers and friends were surprised and impressed with her artwork

Heaven Peralejo just showed netizens that only can she act but she can draw as well.

Image by Heaven Peralejo via Instagram

On Instagram, the teen actress shared a part of her that her followers to know. Many of her friends and followers were surprise to know that Heaven is actually a gifted artist. She proudly showed off her first portrait which she admits still needs a few more improvements. She said she has also been painting for awhile now. For her, exploring a skill that she didn’t expect was truly fulfilling and rewarding.

Heaven wrote, “So, I explored this side of me last night not expecting na I can draw a portrait?! I only paint landscape (since it doesn’t focus much on the details). Anyway, more practice pa of course para ma perfect na. Hah. Just happy to share some progress.”

The Starla actress also said that aside from sharing her artwork, she really wanted to inspire others to not be scared to try on new things. She said, “Moral lesson of the story: Don’t limit yourself just because you’re afraid of the outcome. Just enjoy and get to know yourself more.”

Her post and artwork have gained many positive comments from her followers and friends. Many were surprised with her “hidden” talent and many encouraged her to continue on working on more portraits.

Image by Heaven Peralejo via Instagram

A fan wrote, “Wow! Ang galing mo na nga ei. Kung ako magpaint, baka magmukhang stick.”

Another fan was also surprised, “Galing mo naman idol!”

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