Graduate who failed in the LET shares inspiring message on why he’s still proud of himself

  • A graduate who failed to pass the September Licensure Exam for Teachers wrote a message that has gone viral
  • Carl Repunte shared a message of congratulations to those who passed and sent encouragement to those who failed the exam
  • He said he will remain positive and patient in following God’s plan

A graduate who failed to make it to the list of passers in the September Licensure Exam for Teachers shared a touching message that has gone viral.

Image by Carl Repunte via Facebook

Carl Repunte was one of the unfortunate takers who failed to pass the September LET. But instead of sulking, he decided to pour his emotions on congratulating those who passed and cheering up those who also didn’t make it.

Carl said that just like others, he went through many challenges and obstacles to ace the exam. He knew he didn’t have regrets because he gave it his all. He wrote, “Giving your best to everything is so satisfying. As I did that during the examination, it was already enough. I am still proud of myself as I already have the bravery to face disappointments, failure and my fears.”

As many LET passers share their excitement online, Carl said his happiness for them “overpowers” his jealousy. He said he is sincerely happy and proud of all them and wishes them all the blessings they can have.

Carl also encouraged those who didn’t make it to have the strength to take the exam again.

He said, “For those who didn’t pass, cheer up. Help yourself up because hindi ka nag-iisa. It’s not yet the end. I know, it’s so tiring to line up again and file to the PRC but we must have to do it again. We must laban. God is just challenging us.”

Image by Carl Repunte via Facebook

Carl added that failing the exam only meant that God has a different plan for now. He said that God is probably saying that it is not yet their time. “Keep going and just be patient. Trust His plans and do your best,” Carl said.

In the end, Carl said he will continue to stay positive and be proud of his achievement. “Congratulations, self! I’m proud of you,” he said.

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