Empathy in its purest form: Boy with Down Syndrome hugs and comforts boy with autism

  • A boy with Down Syndrome was seen comforting his classmate who has Autism
  • The boy with Down Syndrome wiped away the tears of his classmate and gave him a long hug
  • The video has gone viral as netizens couldn’t help but be emotional with the touching scene

There are many reasons why children with special needs are “special.” In a video that has gone viral, two “special” boys showed netizens all over the world how they have such huge hearts for empathy and love.

Image Capture of Video by Jalisco Oculto via Facebook

On Facebook, the page Jalisco Oculto shared a touching video showing how a boy with Down Syndrome calms and comforts his classmate with autism. The video was taken by the boys’ teacher while they were in class in Jalisco, Mexico.

The video shows how the boy with Down Syndrome was wiping away the tears of his upset classmate. He then continues to hug the boy and even taps his back to comfort him. The long hug definitely calmed down the other boy. And in an effort to make the boy with autism happy, the boy with Down Syndrome held up his hands and waved them high. The thoughtful boy continued to wipe his classmate’s tears one last time before the video clip comes to and.

The short clip has clearly touched many netizens as it has gone viral.

Image Capture of Video by Jalisco Oculto via Facebook

On Twitter, a netizen re-uploaded the video and shared how it made him emotional. He wrote, “My heart can’t. A boy with Down syndrome with a huge heart, comforting in his own way his colleague, an autistic child. This is EMPATHY in its purest form.”

Another netizen also shared she was able to relate to the story. She said, “I’m raising a child with Autism. She has the purest heart and loves to pray for people. If she sees you are sad, even strangers, she immediately wants to hold you and pray. She’s eleven now and I pray she keeps that spirit of empathy and prayer. Love this story.”

Click the image below to watch the video from Jalisco Oculto’s Facebook page:

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