Cuties! Scarlet Snow plays “big sister” to John Lloyd’s son Elias Modesto

  • Scarlet Snow Belo posed with John Lloyd Cruz’s son, Elias Modesto
  • The two adorable kids joined their parents who attended the wedding of Vhong Navarro in Japan
  • Many netizens gushed at how cute Elias and Scarlet both are

Scarlet Snow Belo played a doting big sister to John Lloyd Cruz’s son, Elias Modesto.

Image by Scarlet Snow Belo via Facebook

On Instagram, Scarlet Snow shared a photo of her with the adorable little Elias. The photo was captioned with, “I found a very cute boy I can play big sister to. I call him “Smiley Elias” because he’s always smiling.”

Many netizens couldn’t help but gush about how much cuteness there is in their photo. A top fan of Scarlet wrote, “He is also cute as you are. Enjoy his company. I love you, Scarlet.”

Another netizen commented, “Love this two adorable kids, Scarlet Snow and new baby heartthrob Elias Modesto. Yehey!”

Netizen J. Jez said how nice it was for Scarlet to have found a new playmate. She said, “Wow another playmate Scarlett. Wishing Doc Vicki and Doc Hayden are planning to have another baby.” Many netizens also asked for more pics of the adorable chinky-eyed cuties.

Meanwhile, in a separate post, Scarlet can be seen spending time with Elias’ celebrity dad, John Lloyd Cruz. The post was captioned, “I made a new friend today, He’s pretty good with kids. His name is JL. Do you know him?”

Image Capture of Video by Scarlet Snow Belo via Instagram

Scarlet can be seen with John Lloyd on the steps of a staircase talking intently with each other. At one point, John Lloyd asked the little girl, “I think Elias is ready to play. You want to play with him?” Scarlet replied with a “yes.”

Scarlet joined her parents when they attended the wedding of Vhong Navarro and Tanya Bautista in Japan. John Lloyd, who made a speech at the wedding, brought Elias.