Boy turns all smiles after kind policemen bought the toy his lola couldn’t afford for him

  • A netizen shared how policemen from Davao City bought a toy for a young boy
  • The boy was clearly upset when his grandmother couldn’t afford to buy him the toy car he wanted
  • Netizens praised the kind officers for their kindness and generosity

A little boy was all smiles and truly so happy after kind members of the Davao Police force bought him the toy his lola couldn’t afford.

Image by Jamaica Santos via Facebook

While many kids celebrated Christmas by opening many gifts bought by their loved ones, not everyone is as lucky. The reality is that many families would still prioritize eating than buying toys. Such was the predicament of one boy whose grandmother refused to buy him a brand new toy.

On Facebook, netizen Jamaica Santos shared a touching story of how he saw a random act of kindness in the streets of Davao City.

He said that while he was busy selling along San Pedro street, he happened to see a young boy crying his heart out. Writing in Visayan, Jamaica said the boy was really upset and refused to go home with his lola because she could not buy the toy he wanted.

Due to their commotion, members of the Davao City Police went near them. But instead of scolding the young boy, the kind policemen decided to buy the toy and gave it as a gift for the boy. What a good Christmas gift for a young boy who wanted a simple toy car.

Image by Jamaica Santos via Facebook

Although Jamaica wasn’t able to get the names of the policemen. their kindness won the praise of many netizens.

Netizen A. Laganzo commented, “That is the spirit of giving. I salute you, sir!”

Another netizen said, “Good job, sir. May you blessed by the Lord abundantly.” A netizen named A. Archie couldn’t help but notice how big the smile of the young boy was and commended the generous officer.

Image by Jamaica Santos via Facebook
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