Bon Jovi donates $500,000 to build apartments for homeless veterans

  • Jon Bon Jovi has helped build an apartment for homeless veterans
  • The Walter Reed facility will not only provide shelter but also different programs to help veterans get back on their feet
  • The rock star shared how important it is to give others a helping hand when they struggle in life

Jon Bon Jovi proved again that he is a rock star in the hearts of those in need.

Image by JBJ Soul Foundation via Facebook

The lead singer of the rock band Bon Jovi has just donated a whopping amount of $500,000 to help build a housing facility for many homeless veterans.

With the help of Bon Jovi and his JBJ Soul Foundation, over 300 veterans who used to live on the streets will now have a safe and comfortable place to call their own. The Walter Reed facility located in Washington DC, will be the retirement home of homeless veterans.

According to Bon Jovi, the Walter Reed facility took a decade to be built but he didn’t lose his hope that it will be finished. He said oftentimes veterans are faced with various challenges when their retire and deserve all the help they can get. The facility will not just provide shelter but also different programs to assist veterans to get back on their feet.

Image by JBJ Soul Foundation via Facebook

Bon Jovi said, “Life as you knew it is going to be different, and sometimes, people need that extra help.”

Clifton Braxton, one of the veterans who now resides in the apartment, couldn’t be more happy with the blessing. He said his life is now slowly changing with the help of kind people like Bon Jovi. He added it feels so much better that he now has a place he can call his own.

A true philanthropist, Bon Jovi also has a “pay when able” restaurant called Soul Kitchen. Anyone who is hungry can eat for free or work to pay for their meals. Those who can pay can donate $20 to pay for other people’s meals. Just wow!