“Binash ako”: Quiboloy explains why he didn’t stop Typhoon Tisoy

  • Pastor Apollo Quiboloy said he didn’t put a stop to Typhoon Tisoy because of the many critics
  • He said when he put a stop on the recent quake in Mindanao,he received so much hate
  • The controversial pastor said he decided to pray over the typhoon and pledged to give assistance to those who were affected

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy explained why he didn’t stop the recent Typhoon Tisoy from hitting several parts of Luzon.

Image by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy via Facebook

After claiming he made the quake in Mindanao stop, Quiboloy said that with the recent Typho0n Tisoy, he decided not to do anything. According to the controversial pastor, his reason for not making an effort to halt the typhoon was because of his critics.

The 69-year-old leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ said he received so much flak for saying he put an end to the earthquake in Mindanao that he decided to ignore the typhoon this time.

In a video shared on Quiboloy’s Facebook page, he can be seen saying, “Kasi ‘yung ini-stop ko ‘yung earthquake, nagalit man sila. Binash ako ng napakarami. So baka i-stop ko ‘yung bagyo, baka magalit na naman.”

He said he is torn between stopping the typhoon or not because he receives so much hate. “Hindi ko alam kung anong gagawin ko kasi ‘pag pina-stop mo, nagagalit. ‘Pag hindi mo pina-stop, nagagalit din,” he added.

Image via Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy | Facebook

Quiboloy shared that instead of shouting “stop” at the typhoon like he did to the earthquake, he decided to just pray over it. And aside from extending prayers, he said he would also give assistance to those affected by the typhoon.

He said, “Ang hindi ma-stop diyan, ‘yung tulong namin, sa ating mga kababayan. Kasi panata ko ‘yun, sa mga maka-langit.”

Quiboloy earlier drew flak for claiming the people of Mindanao should thank him for halting the quake and saving their lives.