Aussie journo gets emotional after seeing a Pinay nanny care for a kid while missing her own daughter

  • An Australian journalist was so touched upon seeing a Filipina nanny care for a toddler while she missed her own daughter miles away
  • He said the Filipina nanny was fighting tears saying “love you, miss you” to her daughter on FaceTime
  • He sighed at how life seems unfair

An Australian journalist shared a heartwarming realization he learned when he saw a Filipino nanny aboard a train.

Image by Steven Dziedzic via Twitter

Being an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is no easy feat, especially for domestic helpers. Many mothers have sacrificed leaving their own children to help care for another person’s child. Such is the story of a Filipina nanny that an Australian journalist witnessed.

On Twitter, Steven Dziedzic of Australian Broadcasting Network shared how he saw a Filipina nanny missing her own daughter as she held on to a toddler whomshe was tasked to take care of.

Steven wrote, “I sat next to a Filipino nanny on the bus this morning. She was on FaceTime, quietly talking to her own daughter back home, trying not to cry. Every so often she’d whisper “love you, miss you” in English. The toddler she’s caring for slept peacefully in a pram. Life is not fair.”

His tweet has touched the hearts of many as the tweet went viral and started a discussion on the treatment of domestic helpers abroad.

An Australian netizen commented, “And of course there are many thousands of them, supporting families back at home. If we need a reminder about inequality in the world then we should note the efforts of these hard-working women.” Stephen replied, “They absolutely deserve our recognition and respect.”

Image by Caregiver Jobs Canada

The journalist who is currently based in Singapore shared how he is amazed by these domestic helpers’ resilience. He said, “I’m amazed by their resilience. It’s lovely when you see domestic workers just gathering in the parks on Sunday, taking the opportunity to laugh and joke together. As well as phoning home, of course.”

Stephen’s tweet has gone viral with over 48,000 reactions.

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